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Shalom Africa Ministries has its vision founded on the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ... The command to go out & preach the Good News message to all the nations of the world. The clarity of this command has defined our operational strategy which is evident in our mission. Our vision is to contribute to the development of creating moral & ethical environment[s] for personal, communal & social development & adhesion.

Shalom Africa endeavours to be relevant to its communities; engaging with children, youths & University students, they ultimately will form the bedrock of social re-engineering that must take place. The poor & under privileged, the sexually abused & exploited, facing the challenges & chagrin of HIV/AIDS Pandemic & long term debilitating diseases are core to this ministry,

Shalom Africa recognises that the ravages of war, ethnic cleansing & living with HIV/AIDS demand sensitive & qualified individuals & teams, in the fore front of all activity. Activity geared towards re-building family & social networks which have visibly & physically disintegrated. Our Holistic programmes in Community Development, Wealth & Careers Projects & the establishment of Churches geared towards Encouraging Equipping & Empowering the facilitating of grass root participation & sustenance. This ensures the success of the process of social re-engineer.



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