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We are a Kigali based non-profit making organisation, devoted to generate a “One New Rwandan People”, thus to break the cycle of poverty in Rwanda.

Our mission is to establish Love where there is hatred, Pardon where there are injuries, Faith and self-esteem where there is fear, Hope where there is despair, Joy where there is sadness, Light where there is darkness, Health where there is illness, and Prosperity where there is poverty.

To this end, we are committed to reaching out to all the different social classes, with special attention to vulnerable groups, to educate, empower, and assist them as much as we can.

Our purpose is to educate the nation and lay the foundation of God’s Shalom in people’s hearts. To rescue young girls from Prostitution and to fight HIV/AIDS virus as it is ravaging lives throughout the country. Our purpose is also to eradicate the cycle of poverty which has enslaved many lives throughout the generations in the country and became even worse after the 1994 genocide.

Indeed the country went through a lot of spiritual, emotional and social challenges. However, through it current responsible government, good spiritual leaders and some non-governmental organisations that are making a difference, Rwanda is striving for development.

In spite of all the efforts and achievements so far, the percentage of Rwandese in need is still high. Shalom Africa is stepping in, bringing both our talents and innovative strategies to tackle those needs and change lives.



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