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Greetings from Shalom Africa Ministries! Shalom! Shalom! For our none Hebrew friends the word Shalom has an array of meanings- Peace – Rest – Tranquility – Health – Wholeness – Prosperity – Welfare – Safety – Soundness – Perfectness - Completeness – Fullness – Harmony – Absence of Agitation & Discord. These aptly describe God’s character & attributes. God is seeking men & women worldwide to embody & channel His Shalom.

Shalom Africa Ministries is a missionary Organization with the power to change lives. God uses the men & women of Shalom Africa as vessels that will channel His Shalom. As lives are impacted in Africa, the Shalom of God changes & transforms lives.

We all agree that the world is indeed in chaos; Africa carries the brunt of instability & corruption, tribal, sectarian & religious wars & terrorism. Poverty & Hunger, Slavery, Illiteracy, HIV/AIDS pandemic & etc. Believe it or not, Africa represents 933,444,292 people or 14% of the world population. (Source: Internet World Stats) This is the level of desperation missionary organizations are up against every day.

Shalom Africa Ministries is devoted to touching these lives with the fullness of Shalom.

In 1994, in the Republic of Congo, Dama Safari, founder & senior minister of Eglise de Lingwala, Ben Mande associate minister & founder of ‘La Mission’ in South Africa, Gubert Leta, minister of Eglise de Matete & Gustave Lomami, senior minister of Eglise de Kitambo, formed an evangelical alliance - Eglise du Reveil au Congo “ERCO”. The latter’s [legal representative] anointed leadership impacted many well beyond the borders of the Congo. Today these men continue to be an integral part of Shalom Africa.

In 1995 Dama Safari left for the United Kingdom. In 1997 he founded Eglise de Jesus au Royaume Uni, [a French speaking Church] in London. In 2002 he was admitted to Mattersey Hall, an Assemblies of God Bible College accredited by the University of Wales Bangor. He graduated In 2005 in Applied Theology & Creative Arts.

During his years in Mattersey Hall, Dama developed an all consuming passion to return to grass roots ministry in Africa. In January 2005 he went to Rwanda for 11 days & to Uganda for 2 days. On this trip his vision for Africa took on deeper roots. A fruitful missionary ground was indeed shaped. Today Shalom has taken its roots, never to be the same again.

Dama is making the clarion call, “Come & join us, be a part of this ‘Move of God’”. We will partner with groups, churches, organizations & individuals here in the UK & elsewhere. The UK team currently organizes missions to Rwanda.

The conviction grew & in 2006 with the collaboration of Straton Gahata, senior minister of Eglise Vivante (Rwanda), Dama organized a mission trip to Kigali, Rwanda. Cliff Kay of the UK & Ben Mande of South Africa were on the delegation. This trip was the turning point. On his return to the UK Dama Safari was sure he had received a clear call from God “to reach out & bless Africa”.(Click here for Rwanda Mission 2006 Pictures).

Another missionary trip was organized for Rwanda in June 2007 this would last for 56 days. His assignment was to edify the local churches, reach out to youths in the cities, universities & prostitutes. During this trip he had the opportunity to share his message to the nation for a week on a national Christian Radio Station UMUCYO.

The mission was successful. Its impact was hugely felt & most encouraging; men, women & the youth willingly received Salvation on hearing the ‘Good News message.

Prostitutes were not left out of the picture. Their overwhelming response has led Shalom missionary team to plant its first church in Kigali. Emmanuel Rubagumya is in the forefront of this empowerment drive.



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