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Shalom! Shalom! Welcome to Shalom Africa Ministries Website. Our website is designed to inform, educate, update & keep you abreast of our ongoing activities world wide. Our activities are currently concentrated in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and South Africa. Our successes there will be replicated in other nations.

As you browse through our website, we pray Shalom will shine his face on you, all you do will prosper & His favour evident & tangible today & always. Amen

Growing up I was taught two key Christian Principles;
1. To love God with all my heart, mind & body
2. To love my neighbour as myself.

There is a Third Principle which many are still grappling with …….
3. You have a destiny & so do I

Our destinies though distinct are inextricably linked. Many questions pop-up here but suffice it to say, the answers are hidden in the first two principles. Dying without discovering & achieving our God given assignment will truly be lamentable. As opportunities arise we will reach out to what lies ahead.

Join Shalom Africa Ministries for a life time mission to change lives – One Life At A Time!

Shalom Africa Ministries is making huge investments on the youth.

Shalom Africa Ministries is helping abused young men & women & prostitutes re-engaged into society. Planting & Running Churches, Skills & Community Development are part of this on going operation.

We are committed to changing lives, elevating communities & empowering society for spiritual, physical & social excellence.

Join us in this endeavour to repair broken lives. Let’s open up the circle, increase our reach & borders & together achieve a life time legacy for posterity. Thank you…….

God Bless You!

Dama Safari - “General Overseer”


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